Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Fall Road Trips

I'm late again this week, (for posting)but for good reason. Yesterday was a long day, more so for my brother. He came down from the city and we drove further east, a road trip for sure, ending at the Hotel Dieu Hospital in Kingston where I had a doctor's appointment.

As our usual lunch spot, usually on a Tuesday, was in Wild Wings, we stopped in Belleville and had the Wild Wings there. Must say, not up to the usual standard we were used to. Food was good, but the service with a smile was lacking, plus the personal attention we've come to expect and enjoy.

We continued on our journey, with time to spare, which was good because we had a bit of a tour of Kingston.

I had my map book, but we got confused, more accurately, I got confused as I was navigator, with one way streets. We ended up following the blue hospital signs, which led us directly to Kingston General. Oops, wrong hospital.

Deciding to go to a better source, than me and the map, we pulled into a park and pulled out the GPS. My brother got it out and ready.

"What's the address?" he asked.

"I don't know. It's Hotel Dieu, can't you plug the name in?" Apparently not.

You have to love technology. He called his wife, working downtown Toronto, and asked her to look up the address for us. She googled it and we were good to go.

She gave us the address of Brock Street, and I wisely kept my mouth shut, as for some reason, I had been directing him to Bagot Street. I was close, they both started with a 'B'.

We quickly arrived at our destination, and I saw the doctor and other health professionals I was scheduled to see.

I loved the drive home, but then I wasn't driving. Heading west we saw a beautiful sunset and a glorious sky, but there were times the sun was blinding in its brightness, and there was that furious rain storm that made vision difficult.

We arrived back at my place in time to watch the last 2 innings of the Jays game, and they won, so an even better day.

I repaid my brother's efforts on my behalf in butter tarts, from Betty's, an award winning butter tart establishment.

Road trips. Lots of beautiful fall scenery, lots of laughs and time for conversation.

Thank you to the best brother in the world, sorry the last leg of the trip was in the rain, hope you didn't get too much butter tart stickiness all over the place.

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Blogger's Brother said...

It was a good trip and we were smart to leave ourselves a little "extra time," just in case. When the one-way streets were getting us frustrated we decided to go to the GPS. I asked for the address and you didn't have it, someone might have thought we were stumped. But we weren't, we had an ace in the hole, my wife Yvonne. Once we had the address plugged into our GPS we were on our way.

Yvonne is my navigator and has been for the 40 years we've been married. Later she told me I could've typed in the name of the hospital and we'd have been on our way. She knows the GPS way better than I do. In fact, she knows it so well she named it "Alice."

The trip was long but there was certainly no end of conversation. That's one thing we have in common... we're talkers! On the way home I felt lonely and turned on the stereo to fill in the silence. It was the first time it was on during the our trip!

I'm glad I was able to help you out, I knew it was important for you to go there. And just so you know, I would've done it without the butter tarts! But that was a nice surprise!