Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Wednesday? Already?

I'm trying to keep to the schedule of posting on Wednesdays, but this short week caught me off guard.

It was Thanksgiving weekend for Canadians, and we were treated to a beautiful few days, except for the rain on Saturday morning. It is cool enough for a jacket, but, boy, the sun feel good.

I already posted about my road trip, and would love to take another. If I want to go back and take pictures of things I saw along our route, I'll need my son to draw me a map. Once we passed the lake, I was basically lost. (So was he for a short time. LOL)

Thanksgiving, turkey dinners, and for the first time, I tasted pumpkin cheesecake, instead of the more traditional pumpkin pie. There are many food traditions associated with this holiday, that I hate to miss.

Turkey sandwiches for one. Nothing tastes better the day after than turkey sandwiches. I had dinner at my daughter's, and she kindly gave me enough for a sandwich yesterday. It tasted so good. Still feel like I'm owed a piece of pumpkin pie though.

It's also apple picking season. I don't make pies like I used to, or homemade apple sauce, so I buy apples one or two at a time, just for eating. I was shocked when told a bushel of apples cost about $25.

I'm going to open the windows, let that fresh and cool air blow through. Too soon it will be too cold and we'll be into November, a usually dreary month when it rains, the frost kills off the garden and the trees are bare.

Let's not even mention freezing cold and snow. I'm not ready yet to go there.

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