Friday, 8 July 2016

What Was I Thinking?

It is no secret that I love art and crafts, something in which my daughter has never shown any interest. But, when I was at her place last week, she asked if I liked her craft work. Craft work, what craft work? 

She pointed to the fridge, to the 4 little containers held by magnets, all in bright patterns and colors.

"Are those the black metallic holders from the dollar store? Did you cover them?"

"No", she replied, "they came like that". 

"So, where does the craft part come in?" I wanted to know. It appears that she added the chalk board tags with the kids' names, and that was her idea of crafting. 

Another way she crafts, is to show me something she likes and to let me make it. That is how I ended up making 13 pairs of slippers one year for Christmas. This time she showed me a flower design on what she says is driftwood. The design is made of different colors of rocks, glued to a wood base, not driftwood at all.

"If you want to see driftwood", I tell her, "go to Pinterest. I have a board on Driftwood". 

"Of course you do", she smirked. I have a board on almost anything. But on seeing what I had pinned to my board, she was enthusiastic about driftwood.

We made plans to go to a certain beach near her to gather some wood. After we were done, I said I just needed a few of the longer pieces, as I'm making dream catchers with her niece and nephew. I then found out she was only collecting driftwood for me, she had no intention of making anything.

Of course she wasn't, what was I thinking?

But, I just might try that heart or anchor made out of smaller pieces, which was most likely her subtle plan to begin with. I love a challenge.


Susan Kane said...

I hate it when my adult offspring smirk at me. Smirk!! I bet you can craft circles around her.

Deborah Lean said...

She doesn't craft at all, but she does appreciate. Both of my kids have homes filled with my art and various craft projects. When my daughter moved recently she pulled out a box of paintings she was storing for me, some I had forgotten all about, and are now hung throughout her house.