Friday, 1 July 2016

A Great Day

Spending the afternoon with my eleven year old granddaughter. We shopped for supplies to make her favorite no-bake squares, and enjoyed lunch at Boston Pizza.

Everyone has their favorite toppings, but all she wanted was cheese, and lemon slices. She squeezed the lemon and dipped the slice in it. Myself, I like green olives and hot peppers. I had teriyaki chicken, for old times sake. That's what my brother and I always had for our lunches, until we changed venues.

Back home, we made peanut butter/marshmallow squares, something we usually only have at Christmas, but s actually perfect for summer.

We also made coated pretzels, a favorite of her Mom's, something else I make for special occasions.

This young lady loves to cook, and we have made many baked items over the years, and something we've planned to do soon, home made egg rolls.

I've missed having a baking buddy, miss having a kitchen with some counter space. Everybody loves the egg rolls so much, my daughter has volunteered her kitchen, which works great as she has a dishwasher.

It's so nice to know that the grand kids remember all those old times, good memories for all.

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Susan Kane said...

How blessed you are to have such a sweetheart!

My oldest gr-daughter (12) looked up a recipe for bread pudding on Allrecipes, and made the best, sincerely the best I have ever had. Bread putting is our shared love, and hers was marvelous. I almost licked the plate.