Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Buckets Full

So, after my day at the beach, collecting driftwood, I read a number of articles on how to clean and, I suppose, disinfect the driftwood. This is a good thing, especially if whatever you're making is going to be inside.

I have a bucket full of driftwood, soaking in a bleach/water solution, weighed down with a glass pie plate and the jug of bleach. I've changed the water once already, and will do it one more time. The articles state this could take two weeks, but I'm tired of sharing my shower with a bucket of wood.

I need to find some wood, on which to build my decorative, driftwood designs. I have one piece given to me by my son, and will go through the leftovers from the fence building at my daughter's.

Right now, I just want to move forward, but even if the wood was ready I probably wouldn't be doing much. It's been real hot, the Humidex at 36, which is stifling. It cools some at night, but not always a great deal. I have the fan going.

Why was it again that I hate air conditioning?

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