Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Solo Road Tour

I had lunch with my brother yesterday, and took my camera, to see if he could figure out why it wasn't working. I was very excited to have a camera like this, and was having a good time taking it with me and snapping photos.

He was able to fix it, though he doesn't know exactly what he did. I don't care, he's the expet and he must have hit the right combination of buttons, because I could now see something other than grey through the viewfinder.

I always take Highway 2 through all the small towns and rural areas on my drive home. I don't like the 401 Highway in rush hour, so I do granny driving all the way home. It suits me fine as Velma's (my van) air conditioning is on the fritz and I could drive with the windows down.

Today I noticed something I had never seen before. I looked to the north and saw a series of wind turbines, their large fans slowly rotating against the sky.

Road trip! I wanted a closer look. I turned north off the highway on a county road, so it was paved. I traveled quite a distance, frequently lost sight of the wind turbines. It wasn't a if I thought I could get lost, as I knew I would most likely hit another east/west road that would set me back in the direction of home.

I came to a main road that parallels Highway 2, north of all the towns and villages. I turned east toward home, knowing exactly where I was. The wind turbines were ahead of me. I made one more turn north to get closer, took a couple of pictures and turned around, heading back toward more familiar roads.

It was a longer drive, but I enjoyed the sense of adventure. It was amazing to see the size of those fans, see the continuous motion.

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