Wednesday, 20 July 2016

So Now What?

I wrote some weeks ago about those people who feed my addictions, I call them enablers. Every time I think I'm getting my yarn stash thinned down and organized, I get a 'gift' of more yarn.

This last donation was new, large, skeins of cotton yarn, so more than just scraps. and along with the cotton were two balls each of a green and brown, very soft, but finer than my usual worsted weight. The colors weren't what I would use for hats, so what to do, what to do.

I decided to make a few Loveys, baby blankets with a stuffed animal head. A snugglie and toy all in one. First it was a cat and a dog from the brown, then a cat in green. After that it was like I was on a quest. I dug out all my leftover yarn, mixed and matched colors, found a better pattern for making a teddy bear head, and I was on a tear.

After giving three as gifts, I still have eleven left. And again, I ask, what to do, what to do.

People say I should sell them, but that begs the question, where? If I started to make some other things I might get enough made to do the round of bazaars in the fall, but that takes such effort. Not the creating, but the packing up, setting up a display, manning a booth, and dragging the leftovers back home. And did I mention, I have no storage space to spare.

I create to create, to make things that make people happy, that they can use. If I make a few bucks at the same time,okay, but I don't want to get involved in all this bazaar stuff again. Last time it wore me out, and as much as there seemed to be positive comments, I didn't sell out.

I've decided to donate all the Loveys to the women's shelter. I think if there were small children, away from home, in a strange environment, maybe they would like a new toy, something soft and huggable, something just for them.

 So, next time I'm out, I'm taking them to the shelter.

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