Monday, 13 January 2014


Do you have a favourite mug, one you reach for each and every time?

Most people have a surplus of mugs; I know my brother does. When ever I visit there I always like to see his collection of mugs, though collection implies it’s an intentional accumulation.

He always has mugs with his favourite cartoon characters, or wise sayings (I say that with tongue in cheek). I wanted a collection like his, mine always seemed blah in comparison.

If he doesn't have a mug with a Despicable Me Minion on it, someone has missed out on a great gift idea.
He really loves the Minions.
When my parents were alive and we kids were home for a visit, we used to fight to get this one particular mug. See, no matter how old you get, siblings still squabble when they all get together. The mug in question was not anything special to look at, it had a hand crafted look, blue and rust coloured if I remember right.

What made this mug special was that it was taller than the usual mug and so made a perfect cup of tea when you (sacrilege I know) made tea in the mug, with a bag and some hot water.

I think my brother inherited that mug. He’ll say it’s because Mom always loved him best, though I’m not sure it wasn’t more of the possession is 9/10’s of the law kind of thing. I probably screwed up that saying, but you know what I mean.

I have a ceramic mug, oversize, that was a gift from my staff when I moved on to a new job. I just realized I’ve had that mug for fifteen years. It has great meaning because the people on staff there were the best I’ve ever worked with.

I also have a mug with an angel on it, given to me by a friend at another job. I’ve had that mug for twelve years. I had a number of other mugs, pretty ones with flowers, butterflies or Christmas scenes. Those I got rid of when I moved because of reduced cupboard space.

Because I paint I kept the mug covered in paint brushes, it’s on the bookcase and holds all my pens and pencils.

I gave two friends mugs for Christmas and I know their first thought was “Oh great, another mug.” But when they saw the mugs were so perfect for each of them, and too cute to resist, they were pleased. One friend has cats, the other dogs, and the mugs had cute cartoon renditions of their pet of choice.

Kat, who oddly enough is the dog lover, says she and her husband fight over the mug, which has become their new favourite. I’m immensely pleased, not that they’re fighting over it, but that I got the right gift for the right person.

Have you noticed that sets of everyday dishes come with mugs now instead of cups and saucers? Smart thinking I’d say.

I wonder what kind of mug collection teachers have, and how many new ones they receive from students each year. I usually do the teacher gifts for my grandchildren’s teachers, and I’ve been guilty of adding to their collection.

I was given a ceramic mug, tall and thin, with a top that could be used as a travel mug. I’d like it better, and use it more if I had reason to take a hot drink with me when I left home. It’s something I rarely do, as I find Tim’s too convenient. The size fits in my car’s cup holder, but at home I find I knock it over for some reason and prefer a shorter, squatter mug.

As I think about the mugs I’ve had, I realize I only bought one of those mugs for myself. It had butterflies on it and a matching ceramic lid, to keep the contents hot. I probably bought that style of mug because I tend to forget I have a drink at hand if I’m doing something creative like writing, painting or crocheting.

When I've had a drink on the table where I was painting I’ve often ruined it by inadvertently dipping my paintbrush my coffee, instead of the old mug I use for that purpose. Ugh.

It's become a new thing to bake in mugs. You only have one serving. It's a great idea for those of us who have no willpower.
This is coffee cake, but I've seen regular cake, brownies and even cookies.

I see on all the craft sites that mug cosies have become a popular thing. Hey, great use of leftover yarn. Maybe I’ll give everyone a mug cosy next year for Christmas, and if it just happens to match one of the hats I made this year, well it’s the thought that counts.

What does your mug say about you?

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Blogger's Brother said...

I know the mug in question, but it doesn't reside in my cupboard, I suspect it lives in Florida.

I have several favourite mugs. One, purchased at Disneyworld many years ago, has Tinkerbell emerging from a keyhole on one side. On the other side of the mug is the view from inside the box with Tinkerbell's little fairy bum. It's a big mug and fits my hand nicely.

Another favourite is my cat mug. It's while with the silhouette of a cat and lots of little cat paw prints.

We have a box buried somewhere in the furnace room stuffed with old "favourite" mugs. I once liked penguins and received a number of mugs with penguins on them. Once I moved on to collect something else, so did the mugs.

There's something I find comforting about a nice cup of tea in a favourite mug. Especially the mug known as "Tink."