Wednesday, 29 January 2014

A Grandmother's 'Whatever"

            Is there a Grandmother anywhere that is not drawn to those displays of named 'what-evers' placed so prominently near the entrance or checkout of most major department stores?  You feel a compulsion to search out the name of each and every grandchild, and then to purchase that pencil, pen, mug, thermos, key chain or 'what-ever'.  Kids love to have their own things, and having something with their name on it, makes it, unarguably, theirs.

            The kids may love them, but I think their mothers, secretly, hate them.  Why else has there been this trend to naming children with unusual names, or names with unusual spellings.  This has dramatically cut down on my personalized, 'off-the-rack' shopping.  I can never find the names of all my grandchildren, or even all the grandchildren within one family unit.

            So, I may continue to look at those racks of 'what-evers', though it's an exercise doomed to frustration and failure.  But, never fear, dear children, there is another new trend...monogramming.  Made to order, any 'what-ever' any grandmother could want.  It's hard to beat a grandmother in the gift giving, spoil the child arena.

            Mothers tend to forget, grandmothers have been there, done that, and with grandchildren, they get to do it all over again.


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