Saturday, 11 January 2014


The funny thing is, I thought I was having a pretty good week.

I had written the post for my blog, days ahead of time and scheduled it to run, on the 8th, just after midnight..

Imagine my surprise when I checked Blogger Dashboard, and saw my posting was listed as a Draft. No, it was not a draft, it should have read Scheduled, and now, or whatever.

Why was it listed as Draft?

There are many steps to a post. I write it in Word, cut and paste to blogger. I add any pictures and click on Save. Then I do Preview, wait, check the final copy, and go back and forth if I need to make any changes. Finally, if I'm doing a future post, I click on Schedule, pick a date and time, click on Done, and voila, done it is.

Oops, one more step that I forgot, click on Publish. A very important final step.

Sorry for missing my one constant, and I have been consistent, day for posting.

What can I say? It was a senior moment.

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