Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry

Friday night the cable went out, and rather than wait to see how long it would be, I switched over to my PVR and selected a movie. That is the one nice thing about the PVR, because the cable goes out, not frequently, but often.

All was back to normal when I checked Saturday, or so I thought.

My daughter sent me a chat message through Facebook, wondering if I was okay, mad, ignoring her or I suppose...LOL...dead on the floor.

That was when I realized my phone was out. I ignored it until Monday when I called the company. did all the things they recommended and still no phone.

I decided to check again, and found that the junction box for the cord, like an extension cord, was loose. so there was the problem. I may tape these connections, as the joiner is behind my sofa and not an easy reach.

I'm thinking my phone may have been out before Friday, and the glitch with the cable had nothing to do with it. There were a number of messages on my machine, and one sounding more and more irate when I had not responded.

I've called everyone back, made my apologies and will check my phone more often. I just don't use it often, so my bad.

All is good, and I'm alive and well.

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