Thursday, 29 December 2016

Catch Phrases

Do you have a phrase that you say all the time? Something that people connect with you.

I recognize that I have such a phrase, catch myself saying it and know I'm repetitive with it. The phrase is "AT ANY RATE". I seem to use it at the end of, or to end, a conversation or discussion. I realize I say it and have often wondered if others were aware of my repetitive use of it.

Do they know and find it annoying? Just wondered.

Apparently I have another phrase that is common for me. "IT IS WHAT IT IS". My use of this phrase was pointed out to me by my brother. He saw a canvas in the store with this phrase on it and debated about getting it for me for Christmas.

He didn't, but mentioned it when we were on the phone the other day, and I used what I guess is my second most commonly used phrase.

I didn't get the canvas, but I did get a large ceramic hand making the "OK" sign. I like it, and have it front and center on my bookcase. It reminds me that even on the worst of days, I'm OK. I like that feeling and the constant reminder, so thanks to my brother for the gift that keeps on giving.

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