Saturday, 24 December 2016

Christmas Traditions

Anyone who knows me, knows I love crochet. I couldn't begin to count the number of sweaters, afghans and hats/scarves I've made over the years.

A couple of years ago I started a new tradition, of making one item for each member of the family, and began with hats. We also started taking our Christmas photo with everyone wearing whatever I'd made that year.

After hats it was the boot style slippers, suggested by my daughter. Last year it was hats and mitts.

After listening to people complain about cold feet I decided socks were in order for this year. Thirteen pairs. The sizes ranged from my brother's size thirteen to my granddaughter's size 3. Some of the patterns were the same, though the yarns differed. The one pattern I made the most was one that had a lacy pattern, for the ladies, and bonus, had no heel but was done as a sort of tube sock, so easier to ensure a good fit.

I'll be hard pressed to come up with something new for next year, though I joked with the little ones that maybe I should make matching underwear, to keep everyone warm. That idea didn't go over well, they thought it might be too itchy. I'm still thinking.

I made my daughter a mermaid, and, as she loves the beach, it was fitting. I made my son a bear, as he's country thru and thru. I'm talking those afghan things that are enclosed at the foot.

I also made scarves and a number of sweaters. It was a long winter last year, so I made the most of my time indoors.

I hope there's a big yarn sale in the new year, I'm anxious to get started.

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betty said...

What a cute tradition you started with your crocheting! Maybe next year ornaments for the Christmas tree?

Merry Christmas!