Monday, 19 December 2016

Lily...A Major Manipulator

I was taking care of my daughter's dog this weekend while the family was off to Ottawa for a hockey tournament. Lily, the dog, and I are old friends, and she has been my guest a couple of times in the last few years.

Having her in winter is not as problematic as summer, as she isn't as curious about the neighborhood, more in a mind to zip outside, do her business and rush back in the house.

I tend to treat her well, with hugs, petting and, of course, doggie treats.

But Lily, that sly bitch, would stand by the door and wait for me to let her out, anticipating her reward when she came back. This time I noticed that she sometimes makes a quick ( it is 10 below Celsius) circle and returns, making no stop to pee, doesn't even try to fake it for the gullible person, me, standing at the door. I have created a Cookie Monster.

Apparently the household at my daughter's home starts the day earlier than I do. I tend to late nights and late mornings.

I woke suddenly yesterday, early in the morning with a dog staring me in the face. Obviously she wanted out. I was slow moving, told Lil that she had to hold it as my needs took precedence. I hurried out of the bathroom and stumbled into the table, catching the large square leg between my 4th and fifth toe. Ouch, ouch, ouch.

Damn, but that hurt. I limped over to let Lily out and was glad she was quick. I needed to sit.

Although there's not much swelling, there is some bruising and I would not be surprised if I hadn't broken my little toe. I have experience with this as I had the same injury to my left foot many years ago, had it X-rayed and bandaged, and spent a week on crutches.

Today, after walking to the curb to set my garbage out, my foot aches like mad. I don't think I'll be going too far for a few days at least. And, as Lily is back home with her family, I don't have the frequent trips to the door.

No good deed goes unpunished.

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