Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Velma...That Whiny Bitch

A few years ago, in the dead of winter, my car decided to take on a cantankerous and uncooperative nature. My way of sucking up to her was to try and get on her good side, by buying her a new battery. Seemed to work for awhile.

Trying to be friendly, I gave her a name, Velma, and hoped we could be friends, good and reliable friends, with stress on the reliable.

But she's old (like me) and it has taken more and more to keep her happy. Things like trips to the spa, which is what I call the garage where she occasionally takes a mini vacation.

For the last few weeks, Velma has been making her discontent very clear...with a loud whining noise. Not all the time, just when making sharp turns. Maybe a bit of joint pain, and if so I can sympathize.

Yesterday, I dropped her off at the spa, to the care of Uncle Brad and the boys. Even brought them a Tim's coffee, just to sweeten the pot.

Here's hoping Velma enjoys her little vacation, and doesn't add too many charges to the basic room rate.

While she's gone, and I am home, it's the perfect time to get a few projects finished.

Behave Velma.

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