Friday, 18 November 2016

Velma...Back from the Spa

So, I got the call from the spa, Velma was ready to come home. It turned out her few days away did wonders for her disposition, she has lost the whine, the squeak the whatever. And my bill for her stay was less than fifty dollars, so win/win.

A friend dropped me off, and I followed her home so she could drop her car off and go out with Velma and I. We took a little run to the neighboring town, did some Christmas shopping and had dinner out at the Chinese buffet.

I don't like driving in the dark, but must admit it wasn't too bad last night, at least it wasn't raining, or snowing.

It's good to have my girl back, to have that sense of freedom that I can go anywhere I want, when I want. I did get a few things done while I was home. Some crafts, some reading, but, alas, not the laundry.

It's mind over matter, I know. When you don't have the car there are suddenly all these things you need, places you need to go. Not really.

I like being home, with days on end to do the things I want and like to do, having the car or not having the car shouldn't matter. Like I said, mind over matter.


Susan Kane said...

Since I have complex migraines, I can no longer drive. It is fine with me, as I recognize what could happen. God has given me time to use the talents He had given me.

Deborah Lean said...

I have a neighbor who gave up her car and driving, and a friend in her eighties who is facing the same thing. I guess it's matter of being organized, and of course making use of the time you're out to get your errands done.

I love it when I have days on end so I can dive into a project, leave it sitting out and not feel I have to put anything away. But I know the car is there if I wanted to go somewhere.

I'm designated driver for my friends, take them places they can't easily reach by bus. I hope when it's my turn to give up my wheels, I have a friend to shop with. especially if she's also a crafts person and needs art and craft supplies.