Saturday, 12 November 2016


I have a grandson who lives and breathes hockey. At eight years old he can spout off names and teams like any die hard adult fan.

The house is, for the most part, Maple Leaf fan based, though his Papa cheers for the Black Hawks and his uncle the Habs. Cole is a St Louis Blues loyal supporter.

Being a hockey fan, he loves to play, and plays at the rep level, which means home games, away games and lots of practices. His Mom has become the typical Hockey Mom, cheering loud and proud.

Just noticed the logo on the hat. LOL Maybe he's all hockey, nondenominational I guess.

So, this cute little guy you might think is a normal eight year old, all about sports, but Cole is different. He's a thinker, a reader, and he notices things.

Like when I got my hair cut last week. He not only noticed, but complimented me on the new look.

But this week, I'm really touched. He read my story about his uncle that was published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Joy of Christmas. He was first, impressed that my story appeared in a real book, and second, liked the story.

So, thank you Cole, for those positive comments. Your grandmother appreciates it, and loves you lots.

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