Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Christmas Traditions

Though it is still November, for a few hours at least, some people like to get their Christmas decorations up early. When I've been out at night, I can see the many windows lit up with trees or other seasonal ornaments.

Saturday I was at my daughter's home and it was tree decorating day. She did call all the kids together, but she didn't do it with the party atmosphere that I did in the past.

When I was a single parent, a working nurse, I had to work weekends and holidays. At the time, my parents were wintering in Florida and my brother lived in the city. But my ex had a big family that all came home for Christmas, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and great grandparents. That had been our holiday go-to place since the kids had been born.

I volunteered to work the holiday and sent the kids off to have the holiday that was full of love and family, not to forget Grandma's post dinner bingo, complete with prizes.

Christmas is not just a day, it is a season, a month long celebration. So the kids and I did everything in party mode. I made snacks and special treats, put on a Christmas movie or music for tree decorating. Gift wrapping was something else we did together, with snacks again.

We attended the party at the library, had breakfast at Zellers with Santa, saw Santa at the mall, went to the Santa Claus parade and walked through the park to see the lights. Oh yeah, we had the Festive dinner at Swiss Chalet, and got the free pack of Lindor chocolates, an annual event.

Who needed the day, when you did all that. Though, some turkey would have been nice, do love that turkey, with dressing and all the other fixings.

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