Thursday, 11 June 2015

I Don't Know Cars

I watch a lot of police shows on television. There’s a common theme amongst witnesses when questioned about vehicles associated with a crime. “I don’t know cars.”

They might say the car was dark, maybe black, or maybe blue, might even have been green. And as for the model, they never know. I would be that kind of witness. There are very few cars I recognize by shape or style, and even if I see the distinctive logo, I would not be able to say what the vehicle was beyond sedan, truck or maybe SUV.

So when I’m writing and I need a car for my character, I’m always stuck. I end up going to the internet, or I borrow cars from friends.

For my current book, my character has suffered through some tragic events and is slowly getting back on her feet. She has a cheque from the insurance company and needs to buy herself a replacement car. Thing is, she’s never actually bought a car; it was always something her husband selected for her.

I decided her friend, fictionally speaking, drove a RAV4, and as my character liked it, that’s the car she decided to go with.

I didn’t pull that particular car out of a hat, but went with a tried and true method. I copied what other people have done. My brother just purchased a RAV4, and if it was good enough for him, it’s good enough for my character.

Only in my book, sorry Bro, there were no recall notices.

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blogger's Brother said...

No problem, glad to help the creative process. I finally got to turn in the loaner car and pick up my car. So I'm back to being a happy camper!