Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Surprise, Surprise

We’ve been blessed with a few days of gorgeous fall weather. The sun has been shining, the skies a bright blue, with temperatures that ran from cool to warm, much better than the cold and colder that is right around the corner.

This past weekend was our Thanksgiving holiday and it was a doozy. Instead of a big turkey dinner, my son and his in-laws were getting together at his place for a barbecue. As they frequently do, embracing the concept of ‘one big happy family’, my daughter, her family and I were invited to join them.

I should have figured something was up when, the Monday before, my son was fussing that his sister had not confirmed her attendance. He’s not usually that uptight about such things. I was blasé and just said for him to text her again.

Turns out there was a bit of a mix-up, in that she thought the invite was for the weekend before and she’d missed it. Anyway, they got all that figured out and she assured him she’d be there.

So, there we were, four generations of family, sitting on the deck having a wonderful afternoon. Just before we were ready to eat, my son and his partner came out and handed everyone a photograph, actually a composite of photos...of their wedding. Surprise!

You can imagine the shock, the tears, the smiles, it was something else. We immediately made them put their rings on and pestered for the story of how this came about.

If you’ve read any recent blogs you know my side of the family had a small Thanksgiving celebration a couple of weeks ago. We chose that day because my daughter had been watching her niece and nephew for the weekend. Their parents, my son and his, ha ha, bride would be there on Sunday to pick up their kids. It seemed logical to make it a family event.

They arrived back from their ‘weekend’ all smiles and laughter and we had a great evening. In retrospect I know I should have suspected something as they had that look, you know, of the bird who swallowed the canary.
I know many parents would be upset to be excluded from such an event, but I totally understand and know it was the right thing for these young people to do. After ten years together they wanted to be married, but they didn’t want a wedding, and all of the fuss that goes with it.

They’re homebodies, and family oriented. They like to spend their time outdoors; they camp, hunt and fish, and like to walk in the woods to the back of their property. What can I say, their favourite colour is camo. LOL.

I love them both dearly and I only needed look at the pictures, to see the expression on their faces to know that they were not in the least bit nervous, but relaxed and enjoying every minute of the quiet outdoor ceremony...and their weekend away. No fuss, no muss, no bother.

Imagine, my son lied to me about where he was going and what he was doing. Haven’t had that happen, to my knowledge, since he was a teenager. They said they were going north, and even gave me the name of a real resort, as they know I like to Google stuff.

As a mother there is nothing better than to see her child happy and settled. To know they have someone in their life who is a true partner, a best friend. I wish them nothing but the best.

And I’m going to have to put my mother’s ears on again. I can’t believe they slipped this by me.

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