Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Boost Your Immunity

October has shown us more of a November style of weather, cold, rainy, dull days, perfect for getting a cold, cough, flu or some other seasonal bug.

I had a cold early in September that stayed beyond its welcome, but finally seemed to go away. This week, after having pain along the side of my neck and behind my ear, I saw the doctor at the walk-in clinic. I’m becoming quite a regular there this fall. Turns out I have an ear infection.

I had to laugh, not that an ear infection is funny, but that I have one. I don’t remember ever suffering this particular thing before, though I should be well experienced as both my kids had chronic ear infections, one to tubes and both to an adenoidectomy. Getting rid of the adenoids which were blocking the nasal passages did the trick for my kids and two of the grandchildren.

I’m back on antibiotics, same as before only bigger dose and for a longer time period.

So it was timely when I got a notice from Pinterest with a series of pins, all based on natural ways to build your immunity. It’s obvious I need something more than the Vitamin C, D and B Complex that I already take.

Maybe I’ll check out some of these other suggestions. From everything I’ve heard we’re in for a nasty winter, cold and lots of snow, much like last year. Good thing my friend and I hit the used book sale last weekend, I see months ahead of snuggling in, a warn drink at my side and a good book.

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