Saturday, 25 October 2014

Comfort Clothes

I could feel the difference as I started to wake. Pulling the comforter close around my shoulders, my hands tucked inside, I sought the warmth but too quickly nature called and I had to get up.

The temperature must have dropped overnight; there’s a chill in the air. When I looked out the window I expected to see rain, as I shivered with the penetrating dampness. It’s not rain but frost, and that does not bode well for what is to come. I hate the thoughts of winter, the cold, the messy roads, scraping the windshield so I can drive the car, and the boots and heavy coats.

The skies are a dull grey, the night lights still shining despite the hour, the daylight not strong enough to trigger them off. It’s quiet for I can’t hear the birds, can see no one stirring in the neighbourhood. Even the squirrels seem to be sleeping in, waiting for the sun to come out and warm things up?

Checking the weather station I see we are expecting rain, this afternoon and every day for most of the next week. Oh joy. Maybe it will be like last week, scattered showers that seemed to come and go quickly, the daytime temperatures warm enough to fight off the bone aching chill. I fear we will not be so lucky this time.

The first thing I reach for is my old black hoodie. It’s my comfort clothing, the way a good bowl of homemade soup is comfort food on a cold day. I say it’s black but there are shades of black, and my old sweatshirt has faded with numerous washings to almost a charcoal grey rather than black.

I wore this in the days when I painted and crafted more, can see the splotches of paint and glue, which makes it ‘at-home’ wear, not for public viewing. The cuffs are frayed and worn and I fear I should keep my eye out for its replacement.

I love this old hoodie because it is long enough to reach my butt and keeps my back warm and covered, just as the hood does when folded at the neck. I like that I can clasp my hands in the front pouch, seeking warmth or pull the long sleeves down to cover hands and arms.

On cold and damp days, when it rains or when it snows, on days when my bones ache and I’m not feeling my best, and on days when I feel in a miserable mood, I reach for that old sweatshirt and find comfort.

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