Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Out Sick Today

Ick words

There are certain words, whether you hear them, or read them, that just give you that ick feeling.

I don’t like the word vomit, though it is a good descriptive word for the action. In a related way I don’t like spew. It always makes me think of Linda’Blair’s character in The Exorcist, ‘cause she really spewed in that movie.

Today on television I heard the phrase, ‘scared the snot out of me’. Now, unless I’m referring to a snotty nose kid, of which I’ve seen my share, snot is another word I dislike. I probably would have said-‘scared the shit out of me’- another word some might find unattractive. For some reason, I prefer shit over snot.

You would think, after thirty years of nursing, that words related to bodily fluids would not bother me. But there’s just something about those words, nouns or verbs, used to describe mucousy expectorations. I can deal with mucous, even sputum, but I don’t like phlegm. I especially don’t like that action of hoark and spit.

You’ve all heard it. Some man, (and I am being sexist as I’ve yet to meet a woman who can really hoark it up), drawing in that deep breath, sucking up all that crap from his lungs, and spitting out some hideous gob of phlegm. Nasty.

It’s a change of season and I have a cold. Must be, as I’ve been suffering from all of all those nasty words, why I’ve thought of them. My harsh and irritating cough has turned into a productive one. I can hear the mucous roll when I cough, but I can’t get it up. Productive is therefore a relative term, for I’m not producing anything.

And is there anything worse than that slow slide of a post nasal drip, and again, I’m unable to relieve this congestion. Thank goodness as women we can at least blow our noses.

I apologize. Too much information, right?
It must be a touch of fever that has my mind going in this direction. I’m not feeling well, and not feeling the least bit creative.

I think I need to lie down, I'm sure I hear my bed calling. Catch you next time..


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