Monday, 16 September 2013

Movie Therapy

It happened again.

Last week I was on Google searching for pictures for Wednesday’s post, and hours later found what I was looking for, and so much more.

Did you know there was such a thing as Movie Therapy?

Well there is, Movie or Cinema Therapy it’s called. Proponents of this kind of therapy say that movies can and will change the way we think, feel, and ultimately deal with life’s ups and downs.

Movies affect us powerfully, the impact of music, dialogue, lighting and sound effects enable a film to bypass our ordinary defences, and draw us into the viewing experience.

Watching certain movies with a conscious awareness allows us to use that film for insight, inspiration, emotional relief and natural change.

Choosing the right movie can help you work out personal issues, have a good cry to release bottled up emotions or explore positive role models. With repeated viewings you can pay attention to your physical reactions, what makes you tense, or what makes you smile.

Popcorn Cinema Therapy is primarily watching films that may result in a needed emotional release. We might feel down and in need of a good cry, but don’t allow ourselves to give in to our emotions Watching a sad movie, indulging in a crying jag offers us an opportunity for a cathartic release.
Evocative Cinema Therapy helps individuals connect with story lines or characters, thereby learning about themselves, and can be a catalyst for healing and growth.

Two examples of Cinema Therapy categories are addiction, with movies like 28 Days and When a Man Loves a Woman or domestic abuse and films like Enough or Sleeping with the Enemy.

At there is a list of categories and specific movies that pertain to that need or issue. Under the category ‘Inspiration’ there is a list of movies to do with overcoming a challenge. One is the musical Footloose, another the dramatic film, The Horse Whisperer, and even an animated film The Lion King. Something to appeal to every age and interest.

I have to admit this concept works. I’ve been using movies for years, as my own version of self-help counselling. You only have to look at my personal film library to verify.

I’m just not sure what need my fondness for action/ adventure/crime movies is supposed to meet. I don’t think I have any deep seeded hidden homicidal tendencies...I just like chase scenes.

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