Thursday, 16 March 2017

There's No Place Like Home

My daughter arrived home last night, and after a marathon shopping for groceries this morning, came to pick up the dog.

She knocked and walked in the door, and Lily, the guard dog, barked at her, until she saw who it was and then it was all wiggles and tail wagging.

I had her supplies packed up so she was ready to go. It would have been nice if the dog had spared me a thought, given me the least little bit of a thanks, a goodbye, see you next time. That ungrateful bitch...just kidding.

Lily misses home, misses the kids, and rightly so. She never left my daughter's side and was anxious to get going. We forgot her big bed and I had to rush out to the sidewalk with it so Lil would have a place to sleep tonight. I don't know how I missed it except there was a dog on it when I packed up food and dishes.

Now I need to clean, as I can see the dog hair on my black fleece top, and know there will be more on the carpet and floor. But, it was worth it, as I enjoyed having a pet for a week.

Goodbye Lily, see you next time. Give the kids a kiss for me.

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