Sunday, 12 March 2017

Bag Lady

I'm a bag lady.

I've joined that group of people who carry a bag around with them, tucked into their pocket until they need it, then, when filled, carry it with finger tips away from the body. You got it, I'm a dog walker and do my civic duty by scooping the poop.

This is a temporary situation as I'm dog sitting for my daughter.

I admit I had a lapse last night, but come on, it was dark, and cold, and I never actually left the door. I picked up the poop this morning, frozen, which is a lot easier than in the summer months.

I have created a monster in my pal, Lily. The first time she stayed with me I was excited to have a pet again and gave her treats, a lot of treats. Now she thinks she deserves a treat every time she goes outside.

I was given instructions, not to give her too many treats, so we have a problem. How am I supposed to ignore this beautiful dog when she sits so nice and polite, patiently waiting for her reward?

I solved the problem, sort of, by breaking the treats into pieces, only giving her half at a time. It's a solution that works for us, I'm obeying orders and Lily gets her treat.

I like these dog visits. I have someone to talk to who doesn't argue or disagree, and I'm the recipient of all her unconditional love.

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