Monday, 19 October 2015

Too Funny

This is just too funny not to share.

My daughter and I were sitting in my car, and somehow, not sure why because I don’t follow this kind of thing, were indulging in a moment of celebrity gossip. The topic was Lamar Odom, and his unfortunate bad luck to collapse, and let’s be honest here, in a whore house.

We hear a voice from the back seat...oops...forgot younger ears were in the vicinity. She had obviously been listening, and had a question. “Was it at the Fantasy Farm?”

“What?” her mother returned. She was wondering what her daughter knew about the ‘ranch’ where the Odom incident occurred.

“Was it at the Fantasy Farm?”

“What?” we asked again. We were still in a bit of shock, denial?

“The Horror House. Was it at the Fantasy Farm?” the kid repeated, her brow furrowed, wondering at the sanity of this older generation.

“Oh, horror,” we laughed. “No, it was at a different one, someplace else, not at the Fantasy Farm.”

Saved once again.

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