Thursday, 22 October 2015

Car Window Decals

 Decals for the back windows of cars have become a popular thing, not my thing, but to each their own. They can be kind of amusing. When I find myself behind a decorated car, I always look to see what makes up that particular family. There’s usually a Mom and Dad, and an assortment of kids in various genders and ages, plus the family pets.

Some people obviously find these stickers annoying, but this is going too far.

Some decals are very funny, and if I were to get one, this would be it.

But the one I love the most, and that is both heartwarming and very honest, is the following.

You see and hear a lot about Rescue Animals, and if I could, I’d rescue one myself. My brother was a Cat Socializer at the Humane Society, and became a Cat Rescuer when he took Vinny home to his forever home.

It was a good thing, for everyone concerned.


Susan Kane said...

We are sticker readers and license plates, trying to guess their meaning. The 2nd one was a shocker, but still funny.

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Deborah Lean said...

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