Sunday, 18 May 2014

Church Bells

When I woke this morning I saw bright sun shine streaming in my windows. Were we finally to have a clear spring day after a week of cloudy skies and intermittent rain?

I looked at the thermometer hanging outside and was surprised to see the temperature was a chilly forty degrees fahrenheit. As it was 6:15, I decided it was too early, too cold and went back to bed.

Hours later, and a few chores completed, I made my morning coffee and checked the temperature again, as the sun was still shining and the sky a bright and beautiful blue. The temperature was now seventy so I grabbed my fleece jacket and my coffee and ventured out the door.

I was in for a treat I knew as I sat in the chair and closed my eyes. The church bells were ringing. Maybe in summer when the windows are open to the breeze I might hear the bells peal and remember, but for today it was a special surprise. The old music played, one tune into another, not classical I'm thinking, maybe hymns?

I take a moment, feel the sun on my face, and listen to the bells, the birds and the sounds of the neighbourhood waking up on a sleepy Sunday morning.

What a perfect way to start the day.

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