Saturday, 31 May 2014

207 Days Until Christmas

Christmas is never far from my mind. Strange, I know, but when you craft many of your gifts, you have to start early. My crafting has been a bit more limited than my imagination this last year, since I moved and put my back out. So I’ve been reduced to a lot of knitting and crochet, as opposed to larger, busier craft projects.

I still get all the daily e-mails from the crochet, quilting and sewing sites, so my spirit is still with those other projects even if my reality is not.

Today I got the e-mail from Crafty Christmas Ideas, from AllFree Christmas Crafts. There are always great ideas on this site, and I find it fun when I see the banner across the top that states there are 207 days until Christmas. Always good to know, I wouldn’t want to get caught unprepared.

A few years ago I started a new and ongoing project. I decided to make each of my grandchildren an ornament, one for every year since the time they were born. In the beginning, in the planning stages, I was going to give each child a theme, and follow it each year. Things like snowmen, Santas, stars, trees, and so on. But then I realized I would have to come up with 6 different designs every year. A plan doomed to failure I decided.

I started at the beginning and made my first granddaughter her first 3 ornaments, for ‘1998, ‘99’ and 2000. I used a photo from each year on the appropriate ornament. In 2001 I was blessed with another granddaughter, and made 2 ornaments that year and for the two years after that. Then things got busy. Another granddaughter in 2004, and the first grandson in 2005.

I had started late in 2007 and was almost caught up by spring of the next year, or so I thought. I had the final ornaments made, four of each and planned to give each of the kids a box of their ornaments at Christmas in 2008. My daughter-in-law presented me with another granddaughter in May; and my daughter with a grandson in June. Now my count was up to 6 per year.

I gave each of the kids their box of ornaments that year, and added to it for the next couple of years. But then I faltered, and I have a number of ornaments owing. I’ve had ideas, but somehow it gets pushed aside, and becomes an out of sight, out of mind kind of thing. This year I want to make good on my promise, even if it’s just to make me feel better. even though the kids aren’t aware of my intentions. They are used to my crafting things for them.

I have a pretty journal that holds all my Christmas Lists. At the very beginning I have a list of the ornaments I have made, and the year I made them, wouldn’t want to be too repetitive. After that are notes and diagrams, web sites, idea after idea for future ornaments.

At the back I have my gift list, from 2010 to last year. I note all the gifts I buy, and keep it updated as I have already made a good start at my Christmas shopping. A bit anal I know, but it works for me. I don’t forget anyone, don’t repeat giving people the same thing every year, unless that was the intent, and treat all the kids equally, because, believe me, someone will notice if they think they didn’t get as much as somebody else.

I found the pattern I want to make this year. It’s a bell made from an old book, with a pretty ribbon to hang it by. I came upon it on my Christmas Craft site, but the original blog has a lot to offer, check it out.

I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

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