Wednesday, 19 March 2014

I almost missed Wednesday

OMG. I can’t believe it’s after 5 pm and I just realized it was Wednesday, and I forgot to blog.

It’s been a busy week so far, out running errands on Monday, a writing session with a friend at  McDonalds yesterday, so by Tuesday night I was whipped. Had a 2 hour nap at dinner time and was a bit disoriented the rest of the evening. Today was laundry, as I had put it off too long and was out of the essentials.

I started to crochet while I was over at the main building doing the wash, and kept right on going when I got back. Not sure what finally trigged my memory about the blog, usually I'm better organized.

I’m making a baby set for a friend, a special order for her to give as a gift at a baby shower. I’m making a baby cocoon, with matching hat for the new baby, plus a hat for the baby at age one, and a matching one for the older sibling. The theme is white, green and yellow with a Green Bay Packer logo. Don’t know who’s the football fan in that family, for me it would have to have been double blue, for the Toronto Argonauts, my Dad’s team.

I love these baby cocoons, the possible themes are unbelievable. They’ve become very popular with photographers as props when taking photos of newborns.
Fairy tale themes for the girls.

Sports themes for the Dad's and their little boys.
Check them out on Pinterest, either by a search of knit/crocheted baby cocoons, or baby photography, there are sites galore.

I love crocheting for babies, it’s such fun and there are so many choices in the patterns to try, from sweaters, to afghans and toys.

It must be the time change and a few days of sun that have thrown me off. Even though it called for rain/snow today and tomorrow, so far it hasn’t amounted to anything. You can just feel the difference in the air. Winter will soon be over, weather wise as the days progress, and officially when Spring arrives tomorrow according to the calendar.
It can't come soon enough.


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