Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The End of October

The sun is shining but the air is brisk, a warning of what is to come. Our beautiful fall weather is almost done, for with November comes the rain and cold. The days will be shorter as the time changes and sunset comes earlier and earlier.

I wrote about autumn, in 55 words or less. This is one of the criteria for submitting flash fiction to a monthly story prompt on

It’s a challenge to write a story with one or more characters, a setting, and a conflict, let alone do it in 55 words. As I’ve been known to be wordy, I love this opportunity to use my words, no, more to choose my words carefully and succinctly.

Here are the stories I submitted for October, the theme was autumn.

A Change of Season

It was inevitable that our story would come to an end. It was called a summer romance for a reason.

Across the lake the leaves are a showcase in vibrant shades of red and gold.

Yet, as I walk to the dock; I see leaves turned crisp and brown, leaves that crumble beneath my feet.

An Autumn Affair

“Hi,” the little girl said. “My name is Autumn.”

Could her mother be any more obvious, I thought. “And when were you born?”

I was surprised when she answered July.

“Mommy says I was her fall baby,” she explained. “She sometimes calls me her little ‘Fall from Grace’, but really it’s Autumn Anne

Burning Leaves

Just once, every fall, I love to rake the dried leaves into a pile and light the match to watch it burn. Oh, the smell of burning leaves.

I feel the warmth of the sun, the fire, the brisk autumn air. As I tend the fire I let my imagination run free with possibilities.


Mr. Briggs has formed a community of writers from around the world who meet in this forum to share their work. I look forward each month to the next challenge, and to how my fellow writers interpret that challenge. It makes for an interesting read. Check it out.

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