Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Milestone 2000 Views

When I was young I was a Girl Guide. I started with Brownies, got my Gold Cord in Guides, and continued on to Sea Rangers. Guiding, or Scouting, is an international organization, and at one point I had penpals from different parts of the world, a Scout in Mexico and another Guide in Germany. We exchanged letters between the three of us, and wore coins from each of our respective countries on a chain.

One of the positive elements of social media is the ease it provides in staying connected with people who live far away. It's unfortunate to have lost those connections because letter writing takes time and effort.

E-mail, Facebook, Twitter and all the rest take time, but I still think actual letter writing is more work. I have this quirk, ha ha ha, that I think letters should be long and full of news. I may start a letter and then stumble because I don't have much to say. Then there's the stamp, and going to the post office, more effort than pressing send.

Comments on social media are short and sweet, but that connection is maintained, and stays current.

I've lost those past connections and that is something I regret. Just as I regret losing touch with old friends from my childhood.

My siblings have maintained those friendships through the years, something I've always envied. Did the fact I went away to school make the difference? I think it played a part, but I think it's more I've always been a bit of a loner, a bit reclusive.

To write a blog is a commitment that requires dedication and a lot of creativity. My plan was to write something once a week, on Wednesdays, and I've managed to do that and more. Today I posted my 80th blog since I started last March and jumped right in with the A-Z Blog Challenge in April.

There is one aspect of blogging that I hadn't expected. The fascination with who my readers are, and where they live. I have kept track of all the stats on Blogger, the number of posts, comments, followers and especially the world map of viewer locations.

To date I have had over 2000 views for my 80 blogs, and have been read on all continents and in 34 different countries. That just blows me away.

I can't help but wonder who you are, what is life like in your country? I still love the international aspect of it all.

So this short blog is sent as a thank you to all my viewers. I feel this is a bit of a milestone, 80 posts and 2000 views. It's been an adventure for me, and I appreciate you taking this journey with me.

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