Monday, 12 June 2017

To the Rescue

My daughter was doing her run yesterday and that route takes her down streets and into the woods near her home. As she ran in the woods, she crossed paths with a man walking with his two dogs, and later came upon him, collapsed on the path.

It was a hot day, and he was wearing a vest, too many layers for the heat. She was fortunate that the dogs let her approach, but maybe they knew it was okay as she was there to help.

I think, from what she said, that he must have passed out from the heat, and he came to fairly quickly, and she assisted him to his car and made sure he was all right before she left him. Her run was much longer as she'd gone away from her usual route, but what can you do?

She joked about it after, but these things leave you shaken. There was an episode like this a few years ago when she found a man collapsed outside a restaurant. I think he was diabetic and it was low blood sugar that time.

Last year I blogged about an upsetting episode with my granddaughter. She was working in a hall, serving dinner, and one of the patrons had a heart attack and died. It was a long drawn out evening because of the legalities of an unattended, unexpected death.

That same girl was to be in a showcase at the local theater, but backed out, just couldn't do the dance thing in public she was to do for school. As it didn't affect her mark, her Mom allowed her to bail. Good thing, because someone in the audience collapsed and the medics were called, but to no avail.

This sensitive young girl didn't need to witness this twice, so was it fate, karma, what? that she wasn't there.

Bad things happen, that's a fact of life. I just hope if it's a family member in need, someone will be there for them, as my daughter was for that man on her Sunday run.

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