Monday, 6 February 2017

Super Bowl Antics

It is totally wrong to laugh, but I can't help it. My brother, the die hard football fan missed the third quarter of the Super Bowl...the Super Bowl...the third quarter where the New England Patriots came back from a 28-3 deficit to challenge the Falcons.

Apparently my brother and his wife were watching the game with relatives out of town. After the half time show, which is all she would have been interested in, his wife wanted to go home, as the game would not finish until late and she had to get up early Monday for work.

So, while they were on the road home, the Falcons' game sort of fell apart, or the Patriots' game came alive. When my brother arrived home he couldn't believe what he had missed. "WTF?"

What I was finding so funny, in the E-mail he sent me, was the fact he blamed his wife for the Falcons eventual loss. Into sports superstitions, he blames his wife because she wanted to leave. Apparently, you don't leave, change, or whatever, when your team is winning.

This reminds me of my husband's superstition about hockey, and how it was bad luck to wash his long underwear during the season. I made it a rule that the hockey equipment stayed in the trunk of the car or in the garage.

I like how my brother phrased this laying of blame. He prefaced it with how dearly he loves his wife, but, as she wanted to leave, it was therefore, all her fault.

Ipso-facto, blame her he said. This is a man who was really, really really cheering against the Patriots.

I guess they will survive this episode, she can make it up to him during the upcoming hockey playoffs. Married for 40 years, they'll weather this incident as they have many others.

I'm sorry Bro, but I had to laugh. Here I was sitting home, thinking of calling, but knew better. Next year I won't hesitate to interrupt the game, actually may feel it's my duty as your doting sister.

Just wait. I should mark it on my calendar, Super Bowl your brother.

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Blogger's brother said...

Yes, you're right, we have weathered the storm. I have always known Yvonne had no concern for anything sports related. I guess it was too much to hope that I could have the same deal as my father enjoyed. Mom was not the sports fan that Dad was (few people are), but she'd stay and watch parts of games with him.

As much as I wanted to stay home in the comfort of the Man Cave and watch the Super Bowl with the cat, it's hard to pass up dinner at her sister's place. And the bonus of seeing her granddaughter Charlie (3 years) and her grandson Russell (8 months) made it a no-brainer. It was also her husband's birthday, so we were kind of stuck. Next year, he gets a phone call!

I should've gone with my first idea and tape the game. That way I could've watched the game as if it were live. In a way I'm glad I didn't see the whole game as I would've had a tough time watching the Patriots climb their way back into contention. It was probably better I just had to suffer the one moment of shock, followed by disappointment.

I'll be better prepared next year!