Monday, 16 January 2017

Lunch with the Girls

It was my week for lunch dates. Friday I had lunch with my...dare I say it...eighteen year old granddaughter. I recently looked through a box of photos and can't believe so many years have passed.

She is attending university, and is a poised and beautiful young woman, quiet and contained, almost shy.

She laughed when I admitted I was jealous of her sense of style. She always looks so polished, even in leggings and a hoodie. The hair, the makeup, the nails and the clothes. It helps that she has a Mom who works in the fashion retail industry, and joked about growing up in the mall.

I'm jealous, and mad at myself, because I have let myself go, weight gain, always needing a haircut and my fashion statement involves denim and the color black. I lost a lot more than a career when I left work, I left the me that was keen on fashion, who, heaven forbid, wore skirts and heels. In my own defense, I left work not because I retired, but because I went on disability, heels will never be part of my wardrobe ever again, they don't go with the cane.

Saturday I had another lunch date. This one was spur of the moment, so was a brunch/lunch. This time I was with my next to oldest granddaughter, the fifteen year old cousin of the first.

This girl has a ready and open smile, complete with dimples. She talks in a rapid sling shot manner, often laughing at herself, using her hands to punctuate her conversation. Openly affectionate, she has a kind and giving heart.

I love both these girls, and my other five grandchildren, three more girls and two boys. They are great kids, and I am truly blessed.

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