Wednesday, 12 February 2014

A Pre Valentine's Day Short Story


“Are you wearing your pajamas?”
Katie looked down and saw a small child with the most angelic face framed by a mop of soft curls. Wouldn’t you know, she thought, a quick trip to the store and she’s caught out by the curiosity of a kid.
“They’re not pajamas, exactly. They’re called sleep pants.”
The child reached out a hand and touched her leg, testing the fabric of her flannel pants. He had that stubborn look on his face, that very stubborn look that toddlers are known for as he declared, “they feel like my jammies”
Katie looked around the store, hoping to be rescued from the critical eye of this mini member of the fashion police.
“My Daddy says I have to get dressed before we go out. Why does your daddy let you wear your jammies?”
Beyond embarrassment now, Katie knelt down to talk to the child face to face.
“I’m all grown up, so, I guess if I want to wear my pajamas out, I can.”
“Daddy won’t let me wear my Spiderman pajamas out of the house. They’re my favourite but I have to leave them under my pillow.”
She smiled at the boy with his bright blue eyes, the smattering of freckles over his nose and found him irresistible. “Well,” she said as she started to rise. “Daddies know best.”
He grabbed on to her pants and pulled until she knelt down again.
“He’s mean,” he said. “Why can’t I wear my Spidey jammies all day?”
“This is my special jammies-all-day day,” she told him. “You can’t do it everyday or it won’t be special anymore.”
Katie could see the boy thinking that over and looking at her skeptically.
“When can I have a jammie day?”
“You’ll have to ask your dad about that. But, just think what you have to look forward to every night. You get to put your jammies on and snuggle into bed wearing them for the whole night.”
“Adam, where are you?” an anxious voice called out.
The little boy leaned in, as if to tell her a secret. “That’s my Daddy,” he whispered.
“Oh, okay.”
“That’s his mad voice.”
“I don’t think he’s mad. He’s probably been worried ‘cause he can’t find you.”
Katie stood and held out her hand. The boy grasped it tightly as they walked from behind the produce display that had hidden the child from his father’s view.
“Does this little guy belong to you?” she asked.
“Adam, what did I tell you?”
“Stay close,” the boy said in a mumbled voice, avoiding eye contact with his father.
“Right.” The father bent down in front of his son. “Look at me,” he said, resting his hand lightly on his son’s shoulder. “Daddy worries when he can’t see you, so stay close, okay?”
As the little boy nodded, the man stood and realized his son was holding on to the woman’s hand. He looked at her with suspicion. “What are you doing with my son?”
“I was just talking to him,” Katie said, suddenly aware her friendliness could be misconstrued now that she was facing his concerned father.
Adam pulled on her hand and she looked down to see what he wanted.
“Tell Daddy about jammie day.”
Katie figured being embarrassed for wearing her ‘jammies’ out of the house was better than being taken for a child molester, so she tried to explain.
“Adam came over and asked if I was wearing my pajamas. I told him it was my jammies-all-day day, it’s something I treat myself to once in awhile, not that I usually leave the house, but I was cooking and found I didn’t have any…carrots.”
She felt a pull on her hand again as Adam glared at her. “Tell him,” he repeated.
“I think Adam would like a jammies-all-day day so he could wear his favourite Spiderman pajamas for the whole day.”
“It’s a special treat, Dad.”
Adam’s father, his immediate fear for his son’s safety gone, finally looked at the woman his son had picked up in the produce department. She was very pretty with intriguing smoky grey eyes.
“Hi,” he said holding out his hand. “I’m Jake Turner, Adam’s father.”
“Katie Tremblay,” she replied, taking his hand.
“So,” Jake said. “You’re having a jammies day, are you?”
She smiled, recognizing where the little boy had gotten his charm and appeal.
“They’re Hello Kitty jammies Dad. I told her Spiderman was my favourite.”
“This sounds like a great idea, Adam. Maybe Miss Tremblay would like to tell us how this jammie thing works.”
He looked at Adam for his approval. “What if we were to take Miss Tremblay out for some hot chocolate, there’s a place just across the road. You’d like that wouldn’t you Adam, if we all went for hot chocolate?”
“Yes, yes, come on,” he said taking Katie by the hand and dragging her toward the door. “Let’s go Dad.”
“Yes,” Jake said. “Shall we go?”
Katie hesitated for a moment then let the little boy lead her out. She’d been feeling a little blue, a little woe-is-me and had planned to stay home all day until she’d found she was out of carrots for her stew.
Who would ever believe that her Hello Kitty sleep pants would be her good luck charm?


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C R Ward said...

I had a friend who died of cancer and her last request was that she be buried in her Hello Kitty pajamas. :-D