Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Wednesday? Already?

Alright, I can explain, I was totally confused and forgot it was Wednesday. I know, I know, it always follows Tuesday, has all my life, but I forgot.

I’m one of those people who begin shopping for the next Christmas, within months of the previous holiday. Over the years I’ve learned that when I see a gift that I think is perfect for someone on my list, I need to buy it on the spot.

When I was getting ready to move last May I had a large box and a plastic bin full of Christmas gifts which I sent to my son’s for temporary storage. Before I could continue my Christmas shopping I had to see what I had already purchased.

So Monday I went out and loaded up on wrapping paper, boxes, scotch tape and self stick labels, ready for a marathon session of gift wrapping. That night my son dropped off all my gifts and Christmas decorations.

So, on Tuesday, yes, the day before Wednesday, I got up, made a pot of coffee and sat down to wrap some presents.

I began the day sorting, making piles for each family member. That didn’t work; there were just too many people, so too many piles and not enough space on the sofa. So I just started to wrap, and loaded the newly wrapped gifts into the boxes I had just emptied.

Meanwhile, since the move, I’ve continued to shop. I pulled stuff out of the closet and the bin hidden under the table, and wrapped those gifts as well.

I take my role as a grandmother very seriously, and try to live up to the grandmother’s unwritten code of gift giving, whereby the kids get socks and underwear for Christmas. I let their parents buy their underwear but it’s a given there will be socks from me under the tree every year. This made me laugh as I pulled out bunches of socks in various sizes and colours.

I also buy the grandkids books, to read and to write in. A storybook plus notebooks, fancy pens or pencils and activity books. There’s nothing I like better than a pretty new journal or notebook, just think of the possibilities, and hey, if it encourages the kids to draw, write, doodle…all the better.

I feel very Mrs. Claus, with my list of names. I look it over, check it twice. They’ll all get a gift whether naughty or nice. Sorry, best I can do at the moment.

It was a good day, until the end. I tried to stand and the spasm in my back almost had me on my knees. Oops, too long a time spent leaning over the table, and I was done.

So, pain is the reason I forgot about Wednesday. I usually write and schedule my posts the day before but last night it went out of my head completely.

I left everything as it was, took a couple of Advil and went to bed, to rest on my heating pad and used a novel to get my mind off the pain.

Today, I’m not faring much better. It’s punishment for stubbornly persisting when I knew the first twinges of pain were telling me enough was enough. But, I’m an old dog, and I know they say you can teach an old dog new tricks but….

I’m my own worst enemy, and I always pay the price. So today will be a day of resting, reading, maybe some crocheting.

Tomorrow is another day, tomorrow I’ll shop.





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