Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Word Play-Ludicrous

NaNo overtook my life today, I’m at 49,687 words. The last bit I wrote was difficult, the writing and the topic, so I needed a break and will finish it tomorrow.

The thing is, 50,000 words will be enough to have successfully met the NaNoWriMo Challenge, but I’ll need more to finish the story.

I forgot what day it was, I was so involved, and here it is 2:30 am Wednesday morning and I haven’t written my blog.

Apologies, but this is what you get at this time of night.

I was watching an old episode of CSI Miami, crime junkie that I am, and saw a scene that baffled me. The only word that came to mind was ludicrous.

Ludicrous adj. amusingly absurd.

The scene I’m talking about had the bad guy, sitting in a vehicle, watching a house, waiting for the owner to come home, I presume. At least I think that’s what he was doing, there was a guy in a car, a house and some watching, I wasn’t paying that much attention.

What struck me, (other than house envy), was the beautiful neighbourhood, the rich neighbourhood. Huge three and four car garages, swimming pools, monster sized houses, surrounded by an acre, my guestimate, of lush green lawn.

They gave a panoramic view and there it was; something that seemed totally…ludicrous.

Now, a scene like that cannot possibly be filmed on a studio back lot, it has to be real, right?

So this neighbourhood exists, somewhere in South Florida. What blew me away; was the curbside, black mail box that appeared in the panoramic shot. It wasn’t there to forward any story line, it was just there.

And the first word to come to mind was ludicrous.

If one could afford a multimillion dollar home, you assume it one has all the assets to go with it, namely cars, furniture, art, jewelry etcetera. And if one has all those valuable items, there’s probably a security system to protect it.

But they get their mail delivered way down there at the curb where anyone could drive along and steal it?

I don’t know, maybe ludicrous is not the right word, maybe nonsensical is, and I can honestly say that that is not a word I’ve ever used before.

The thesaurus is a writer’s best friend, so here are a few more words to say the same thing.

Absurd, amusing, comic, crazy, daft, eccentric, farcical, foolish, funny, hilarious, illogical, irrational, laughable, mad, preposterous, silly, stupid, unbelievable, weird.

Do you find it weird that at this ridiculous hour, I would be so daft as to contemplate the illogical placement of a crazy mail box?

I just had a thought. The only time I ever got my mail delivered at the curb was when I lived in the country and my address began Rural Route. If that neighbourhood was country living, then, in the words of John Denver:

Country Road
Take me home
To the place where I belong.

I think it’s time I went to bed.

In someone elses’ famous words….that’s all folks.



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Blogger's Brother said...

The affluent people don't want strangers on their property, even the mailman. Who knows if that's a real mailman or someone dressed as a mailman checking out their place.

So it's much easier to have a trusted servant collect the mail for them. I know that's what I'd do, not so much because I'm affluent, just lazy.