Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Genre Prompt...Fantasy

I thought I would share some of the short stories written from genre prompts.
This is fantasy. A story involving imaginary beings in the real world or in an alternate reality, and assuming a suspension of disbelief about magic, and/or supernatural powers. 
The Lady in the Lake

The world went silent. In that last moment before the hurricane hit, everything went still.
At the bottom of the sea, Annalise could sense the change. Trapped, she raised her hands to the glass wall that separated her from the sea, and looked out at the aquatic world that surrounded her.
Nothing moved. Usually, a variety of fish would be darting around her with a daring curiosity, but the fish were nowhere to be seen. The glass orb that was her chamber, and her prison cell, sat motionless on the ocean floor. Her ‘bubble’, that forever swayed, keeping time with the dance of the coastal tides, had ceased its rhythmic movements.
A sound like thunder roared over her head and her bubble shook with the resulting wave.
Annalise banged her fists against the glass. “What’s happening?” she screamed, suddenly afraid. “Is this you, Liam? Are you changing the tides to scare me?”
The words were barely spoken when the earth began to vibrate, and the orb started to move, not an easy rocking, but a rolling full circle across the sand. Practically running in place, she tried to keep up with the erratic to and fro motions of her previously settled prison. To maintain her balance, she kept a hand on the glass wall and watched the way the water changed around her.
The great waves swirled, heaving her world up and down, sending the orb spinning and twisting all through the water. Annalise felt herself fall, tossed from side to side with each roll of the orb. Was it never going to end, she wondered. Was this the Faerie King’s doing because she consistently rejected him?
The sea dragged the orb down and just as suddenly threw it up again, hitting the rocks along the craggy shore with a terrible crash. The abrupt stop had done much damage and water seeped in the cracks that spread along the surface of the orb.
Annalise, stunned by the harsh landing, shook her head and took stock of where she was. She could feel the water pooling at her feet and quickly looked around. Water had surrounded her for months, but never had there been water inside the orb.
Looking up, she could see the sky, dark and ominous, the winds blowing, and then the rocks. The crack in the orb was spreading, the water rushing in, but all she cared about was getting out. Fighting against the wall of water to gain her freedom, she grabbed the jagged edge where the rocks had broken the orb open and hoisted herself up and out of her prison.
It was freedom she felt when the wind swept across her face. The waters calmed, come to rest after the storm, as she jumped from the orb in to the water. She waded to shore, hands held high above the water; and settled on the sand to bask in the sunlight.
Liam, the Faerie King, would search her out, she knew. But for now, she was free.





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