Friday, 19 July 2013

What does your Bookmark say About You?

Patience is a virtue.

I think people who read find it much easier to be patient, for as long as you have a book, you have something to do while you wait.

I read a lot, and not only do I read, but I reread. If you read a book and enjoyed it, immersed yourself in the characters, their lives, their conflicts, then rereading that story is like a visit with old friends.

When I read a new book by a favourite author, I jump in and read it right to the finish, in a hurry to see how it all ends up. But by doing so, I may lose some of the finer details. So, about 6 months later, I’ll reread that book, at a more leisurely pace, and see the things I may have missed the first time through.

I usually have a book in the car, just in case, and one in the bathroom, most often rereads. I know I can pick up this book at any time, read for a few minutes, and put it down. These books will not suck me into a night of reading that has me at The End when the sun is starting to shine in my window.

Having so many books on the go requires I have numerous bookmarks to mark my place. And when you’re known to be a reader, people give you bookmarks, so I have quite a collection.

I once had a red leather bookmark, a gift, a souvenir, from a friend’s visit to Scotland. It was stamped with a map of the country and a piper in full regalia. I didn’t use it much as it was too thick and long for paperbacks, better for a large hardcover.

I collect angels, and when you’re known to collect something, you get gifts on that theme. I was given a beautiful pewter angel, with blue stones, on a blue satin ribbon. It was too pretty to risk losing I thought, and have it hung on the door of my curio cabinet.

My granddaughter gave me the book mark that came with her Blueberry Cupcake doll (part of the Strawberry Shortcake line of dolls), another friend gave me a butterfly clip type bookmark. And last Christmas I received a lovely hand made crocheted bookmark.

As I was planning this post, I tried to remember where I put all my arty bookmarks,some things are not so readily found since the move. I’ve collected a few bookmarks just for the inspiration of the art work.

But, my usual bookmark is a treasured one, a gift from my granddaughter. It came with her school pictures, and I’ve had it since 2007. I’ve lost it a few times, due to my tendency to stick a bookmark in the book I’m reading, rather than setting it on the table.

I would pick up a book to read, yet again, and the bookmark that I’d stuck in the book the last time, and forgotten when I finished the book, would fall into my hands. I’ve taken better care, having lost it a few times, as I love opening a book and seeing her beautiful smiling face. It’s a 2for, in my mind. I get that warm and fuzzy feeling, and can mark my place in good read.

What do you use to mark your place?

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