Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Riders and Their Rides

            Now that spring has arrived the motorcyclists are back on the road. A dedicated rider, my brother has been anxiously waiting for the time that he could hit the open roads again. That sudden snowstorm last month was not a welcome sight. I think he's been counting the days since he put his bike away last fall.

The following is a personal essay, an observation from my travels.

Riders and Their Rides
            There are bikers, and there are bikers. Now that spring has arrived, and any threat of snow is gone, the two wheeled travelers are out in full force. Bikers are a breed unto themselves. They are solitary creatures despite the fact they may ride in groups or in gangs. Isolated and alone, they are as varied in size, shape and appearance as their rides.
            As I drove out of town, the sun shining bright, the temperature rising to that of a welcome spring day, I came upon a group of bikers traveling east. My first thought was to be cautious, to give them a wide berth, to respect their right of way and let them set the speed. I slowed and kept my distance, hanging back and only moved beyond them when it was safe to do so.
            For those few minutes the bikers were all I thought about. Hard bodies, strong legs all muscled and toned, pumping, pumping, in constant motion, and so nicely clad in black spandex. A ha...not what you were expecting eh? Like I said, there are bikers, and there are bikers, or maybe I should say there are bikers and there are cyclists. As I passed the lead cyclist I couldn't help but admire his dedication, his fitness and...oh yeah...his nice butt. Oh, to be young again, but no harm in looking.
            There's another breed of biker out on the roads again, bikers who favour black leather over black spandex. Bikers who sit back into their ride, at one with their machine. Whether a biker or a cyclist, the rider has a very one to one relationship with his ride. Riding is a personal thing, there has to be trust, faith and a confidence that, no matter what, when the rider makes a move, takes a direction, his ride will respond exactly as is expected. For any biker, it's the rider and his ride against the world, give me my space and let me ride, let me feel the rush of being alive and free.
            It's a modern day cowboy thing...a man and his horse...a man and his bike...moving as one entity, isolated and yet exposed. Where the cowboy had his cowboy hat and a bandana, to protect his head and face from the elements, the biker has his helmet. Denim has survived the test of time, as has leather, for being strong and protective. Bikers are just like cowboys, each with their own brand of horsepower.
            Where did all these thoughts about bikers come from? Only moments ago I was admiring the physical...abilities, yes, let's go with abilities, of a group of cyclists and now I'm thinking of cowboys as I slowly make my way along the drive-thru to the take out window for coffee.
            The roar of an engine draws my attention to the parking lot a few feet beyond the take out menu. Ah, yes, black leather chaps. That's where the cowboy thoughts came from. There's definitely a reason why chaps have endured through the ages as a clothing necessity. All that leather, providing protection to the riders legs and hips yet leaving other regions...unrestrained. It's OK ladies, you can't help but look. It's just like guys and cleavage; your eyes are drawn to it. The trick is to take quick glances, not to stare or you'll be deemed rude, among other things. Chaps are like the push-up bra, designed to expose and enhance very personal parts of the anatomy. Well, maybe they were designed for protection, the expose and enhancement is just a design plus.
            There goes the biker, off with the roar of his engine and there's my coffee. I think I'll go home, put my feet up and relax. Maybe I'll watch a little afternoon television, no soap operas though, I think I've had all the prurient thoughts I need for today. Maybe a little HGTV, some DIY, some Holmes on Homes. That man sure does make a statement, not many men can make overalls look eye appealing. 
            I may be old but I ain't dead yet, and like I said, no harm in looking.

Here are some examples of my brother's interpretation of
Riders and Their Rides.

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