Sunday, 24 March 2013

Better Late Than Never

I’m late.

No, not the kind of late that makes you think of the pitter patter of little feet. It’s more of an “I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date” white rabbit kind of late.
Or maybe I’m early.

My plan, carefully thought out but uninitiated, was to begin my blogging experience by posting something every Wednesday, hence the name Midweek Musings. Not an auspicious beginning as it’s Sunday and I have nothing prepared.
A blog.

It sounded like such an interesting challenge a few months ago, but that was then, and this is now and I’m running out of excuses. So, nothing ventured, nothing gained. I spent an afternoon with my friend, Carol R Ward, an experienced writer and blogger, {you can find her at} and she walked me through the setup for my blog.
The setup has sat, for days now, with those intimidating words ‘No Post’ staring back at me.

How to begin?
The pressure to come up with something identifiable, intriguing, {I’d settle for interesting at this point} is great. I suddenly find myself afraid, unsure if the format I’d planned was the right way to go, questioning whether I really wanted to do this.

Fear, what a disturbing emotion, fear of the unknown, fear of failure, even fear of success comes to mind at this moment.
Procrastinating, I reach for the dictionary on my desk and look up the word fear.

Fear n 1. An unpleasant emotion caused by the nearness of danger or the expectation of pain.
Okay, I’m not in any danger, but my fear is causing such stress I feel I will soon develop a full blown headache. There, an unpleasant emotion and the expectation of pain.

Let’s forget the noun ‘fear’ and think of the verb.
Fear v 1. To feel fear of, to be afraid,

            2. To have an uneasy feeling.

That’s more like it. I have an uneasy feeling about this blog. I fear that if I put my work out in cyberspace, I could face having it rejected by the world. I have to admit my usual realm of rejection is quite a bit smaller.
Enough. Enough of this writer’s angst, this lack of self confidence, and this fear of rejection. Interesting, when I looked up the meaning of fear, I found another word that was more encouraging.

Feasible adj. 1. Able to be done, possible.
Feasible. I said it out loud and liked how it sounded. I’ve been planning to do a blog and it’s…feasible.

For someone who writes as much as I do, and I’ve been called prolific, I’m having difficulty getting this blog started.
It was a delaying tactic, I know, but I picked up the paper, scanned it and found my horoscope.

PISCES [Feb. 19-March 20] Networking will bring good results. Engage in functions that will allow you to promote a concept you have been developing. Update your image or indulge in self-development projects that will boost your confidence. Love and romance should end your day.
Well, talk about timing.

So, about this blog. It was unrealistic of me to think I could do the set up and jump into blogging with confidence and ease. It’s a learning process. Like my writing, it will get better with time.
I plan to write some creative non fiction inspired by my curious nature, my opinions and observations, some poetry, and maybe some fiction, excerpts from a novel, or a short story.

The blog will be a veritable Heinz 57, a little bit of everything.
I hope it’s entertaining. 


Connie said...

Ok, you've got me hooked. Excellent start. Write On!

C R Ward said...

Thanks for the plug! :-)

I predict I'll have you posting more than once a week before you know it. Oh, that's right, I already suckered you into the A-Z challenge, didn't I? LOL